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Commitment to transparency

Navigating through numerous mortgage advisor websites, you might find yourself in a maze, questioning the costs and the timing of payments for their services. The elusive fee promise is like a phantom, rarely seen and often missed.

We understand the cloud of frustration that forms when straightforward questions meet convoluted answers. The vague responses like “it depends on the complexity of your circumstances” only add to the confusion and uncertainty.

But here, we stand apart. We feel your pulse, understanding the annoyance of not finding clear price information. Our commitment is to crystal clear transparency, a reflection of our confidence and fairness in our dealings.

Free Initial Consultation

We offer complimentary initial consultations, a window for mutual exploration. It’s crucial for you to gauge if we align as your ideal mortgage advisor for your mortgage or insurance needs. Simultaneously, we assess our capacity to assist you effectively, ensuring a perfect match for your unique circumstances.


You might wonder, why would we pass on a willing client? The reason is rooted in integrity. Despite our extensive experience and a robust portfolio of arranged mortgages, we acknowledge the diverse expertise landscape. If another business is the perfect fit for your needs, we will guide you towards them, ensuring your journey is on the right path.

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Our Fee Structure: Simple and Straightforward

At Dimora we don’t believe in being one of them firms that doesn’t make it clear how much their costs will be until you are well done the road in the process. We keep things simple and our fee will depend on the transaction type being completed. The fee is based on the average amount required based on that type of case being processed.

Product Transfer/Rate Switch – £99

Remortgage – £299

First Time Buyer/Homemover – £399

Adverse Credit/Buy to Let/Specialist schemes such as Right to Buy or Shared Ownership – £499

Our fees do not become payable until we are in receipt of your mortgage offer. Meaning you can rest assure we’ve fully delivered on our end before you spend a penny. 


What Do You Get For Our Fee?

For your fee, embark on a seamless journey encompassing:

– Tailored Mortgage Advice: Ensuring the right lender and terms for you.

– Mortgage Submission: Handling all paperwork for underwriter allocation.

– Comprehensive Insurance Advice: Crafting an insurance plan within your budget.

– Initial Legal Paperwork: Ensuring accuracy from the get-go.

– Third-Party Liaison: Coordinating with estate agents, lenders, surveyors, solicitors, and insurers.

– A Complimentary Single or Mirror Will: Valued up to £130.

– Rate reviews – Post offer we will monitor the mortgage deals available, should a more cost effective solution become available we will switch the deals for you without any additional cost.

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Stand By You From Start To Finish

Our support is steadfast, accompanying you from the beginning to the end. Feel free to reach out anytime, through a call, email, or message. Your concerns and queries are our priority. We are dedicated to dissipating your worries and confusion, ensuring a smooth, easy, and stress-free experience for you.


In the realm of mortgage-related matters, where significant finances and long-term commitments intertwine, we prioritize your peace of mind and financial security, ensuring every step you take is firm, informed, and in the right direction. Welcome to a world where transparency, integrity, and commitment reign supreme. Welcome to our world.


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Truly, a Five-star Service

We’d be nothing without our valued clients. We pride ourselves on creating proper relationships on a case-by-case basis.

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